Ultimate Nitro Mass is powered by L-Arginine that is an essential amino acid. L-Arginine is an ammo acid that the body cannot make naturally. Therefore, it is important to consume foods that are rich in L-Arginine. It is a building block of protein that performs a myriad of physiological functions. These physiological process include hormones secretion and increase in growth hormone output, removal of toxics waste product of body & immune system defenses. The L-Arginine [N02] supplement as a formulation proven to increase strength dramatically. It is a known precursor of the gas Nitric oxide [N02]. CREATINE. Numerous University studies have scientifically demonstrated that supplementation with Creatine Monohydrate increases strength, Maximal power, delays muscular fatigue and increase total energy Used as directed, creatine is proven to be safe and highly effective To Maximize Creatine lean muscle building effects, consume extra water every day and increase your daily protein supplement such as our 100% Premium Whey.


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