ACTIVE MASS GAINER contains rich amount of carbohydrates that supply you with the required energy that is very helpful for an intense workout. Helps in formulating fat: This provides the body with metabolism which further helps in well functioning the digestive system leading to lesser fat deposit. Contains High-Quality Whey Protein: Active Mass Gainer contains high quality of Whey Protein which is an amazing supplement for bodybuilding. Aids In Muscle Recovery & Growth: Active Mass Gainer aids in fast muscle recovery and growth. Blend Of Minerals & Vitamins: Active Mass Gainer is a good mix of different minerals and vitamins that are an important nourishment source for the body to stay healthy and fit. Rich In Fiber: Active Mass Gainer is rich in fiber. This keeps you away from being bloated and improves digestion. It is a great way to achieve overall health and fitness.


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